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07 March 2010 @ 04:32 am
To Tresh...  
Hmmm... its harder and harder to remain Switzerland as they say.

Honestly, the situation seems to deteriorate every time anyone talks to the sibling. Sib's always liked to stir and create drama. She knows that, I know that, we all do. But when it is drama that threatens your very ties to who brought you into this world, I cannot help but wonder... why? Why create that which should never even be there to start?

I remember quite clearly her telling me which books to leave out and send.

One cannot reasonably expect an entire room of things to be set into storage. Its too expensive considering the folks are still paying on a college loan for a program that remained half done. I mean, let's be practical. It was mentioned, told to a co-worker of mine, she left with the intention of never coming back. As hurtful as that is, it's becoming increasingly obvious. How... practical is it to expect us to keep stuff it might take years to come back for?

*Sighs* Not only this, but she tried to pit Grandma and Mom against one another? Call Mom a liar? Mom has many... eccentric traits but liar s not one of them. I think sib sent the emails to the wrong address. Mom has no reason to lie about these things, none I can tell whatsoever. Trying to control her from a distance? Right? *sighs* Grow some balls and take responsibility for what is done sib. Honestly, quit blaming mom for everything that has ever happened wrong. I will admit some hurtful things were said, but any family has these things, these moments.

Your life is not one big pity party. You make it sound lie she abused you, used you, and threw your stuff out the first chance she got. You want attention, well ya got it. I'm writing this now because honestly, the more I think upon things, the more pissed I get.

Whatever you have told them, it is clear you have told it far out of proportions. Fine, any story does get told as such I suppose. But when you have otehrs thinking Mom is a lying, vindictive, sneaky witch woman you should press charges against? That's too damned far. Too gods be damned far.

You have to learn that pit is not the same as real attention. You have people who love and care for you here, and I understand you have gone to create a new life. But why do you feel the need to burn your bridges in front of the whole world I wonder? Why go through such lengths? Why accuse mom of lying to everyone?

Over... things? Really? I realize dragons are possessive but take a step back.

Ask yourself, what is really important.

It is not about, after all, choosing him over us. Far from it. But I think, along the way, you have forgotten what is important.

Sitting in the remnants of our room right now, as a small box. You know what is in it. That box alone stands testament to this fact.

In the words of The Gunslinger: "You have forgotten the face of your father."

Or in this case, perhaps, your mother.

The lines remain open, be it phone, livejournal, facebook, or email. If you want to run away from the situation, cut off ties, and never address it, that is your decision. I remain pissed, but I am still your oldest sibling. I will still listen.