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01 November 2010 @ 04:48 am
Huh... that was what had to be the most informative night of my online life.

Like seriously.

But in a good way. X3

But this person has my thanks too. Vague is vague on purpose. Yeeep.

* * * * * *

The world keeps spinning and I am still here. But hey, here is not a bad place to be. Even should I sink to the dark places, my family is always there to lift me back up. Although the past year has been an extremely hard one, we cope together. Although sometimes I wonder about myself, they always are there to hold me together.

From Mom who sends me cute little kitties on zoo world and always has a story, or to baby sis who always has my back, thanks.

To the folks I wish I could see more of but have listened to me rant in the past, thanks. Message me sometime eh?

To my friends who help the muses keep under control and listen even at the worst of times, thanks.

And finally to the one who made me realize nothing lasts forever, caution is a good thing, and that sometimes not everything ends well, thanks.

Its not thanksgiving, but sometimes I just feel the need to ramble. I find myself pensive at this odd hour, oddly so. But it is not a bad thing.
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