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26 May 2010 @ 04:25 am
Silly METAL ramblings...  
Seriously, I blame my dad for this but I have an epic wanting for more metal music. Listening to the soundtrack for Brutal Legend, I have discovered and rediscovered quite a few folks.

Judas Priest: Okay, seriously. How could I have never heard this stuff before. These guys have some epic tracks. I really should just buy their essentials cd now.

Ozzy Osbourne: Again, I found new tracks I did not know about. I had heard Mr. Crowley but tracks like Believer and Diary of a Madman? Those two were new and EPIC. Also I had no idea about the two versions of CD's out now. I should hunt down the old ones.

Riot: Road Racin' and Swords and Tequila? Cool.

Def Leppard: ROCK ON.

Iced Earth: Man oh man, this stuff makes my muses OH SO HAPPY.

Omen: The Axeman is epic.

Did I miss anything here? Likely, yes. Yes I did. But finding new genres of music makes me incredibly happy. You should have seen me when I discovered electronica and game music are considered genres. *laughs* And now I go hunting for an appropriate icon...
Leona: EPIC MUSIC POWERdragoon_sten on May 27th, 2010 06:06 am (UTC)
I have to admit, that was a really good use for the song. *nods*

And oh man, yes, THAT. Seriously, when I first saw the track listing I wondered where that one would show up and when it did I was like 'Oh man this is AWESOME.' Granted I would find myself stuck a few times but seriously epic moment there.