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19 September 2010 @ 04:57 pm

Heyas! So I just got back today and phew! What a trip! Anyways, I discovered quite a few things and had myself a good time. *nods* First off, I make a horrible night driver. I am not a very experienced driver in general, so this was good practice for me in general. New roads, new towns, it was an adventure! I worried myself nearly sick mind you, but we made it! I always found my way with the baby sis's help, and together we got there and back with near no incident.

Bumping that car in the Broadway at the beach parking lot did not count.

So day by day shall we?


After learning that parking is next to nil without paying and that alternate routes have an assload of trees, we went to the hotel to ask for assistance. Our room was ready as it turns out so we headed there, got into beach attire, and headed out. Too bad I had no swimsuit so beach attire was shorts and shirt.

We learned that the beach gets flatted on SATURDAYS so since it was Friday yeah, pretty tough to get to the water. The water was at high tide so PHEW. Tried to take my baby sister's bottom swimsuit piece away! Having a mountain of sand in my watershoes was no good either. XD! Deciding we were wussies about high tide we headed back in, and hit up the indoor poor instead. Here I learned wet clothing sticks to one like GLUE. And oh yeah, khakis are a no go for the pool. Nooooo. After that we headed back in, were lazeh bums in our hotel munching away at snacks, soda, and buying ourselves a stuffed meat pizza. YUM. But we had fun just doing what siblings do. *nods*

Like throwing peenies off of a balcony and watching them splay in the swimming pool. >3

Like a giant sleepover, but more awesome.


After waking up early myself and charring with our neighbors, I wait until sis woke up. We head out to broadway at the Beach. here we discovered food galore! HOT DAMN. We went to Ripley's Aquarium and learned a lot about fishies, ate lunch and drank at Margaritaville, and headed out to explore. (BTW, that last place was awesome. While we ate they played the song at one point to a fanfare of a hurricane on the ceiling, a bottle from the sky dropping down, smoke, and confetti! YES.) We rocked it out at the Kiss Coffeehouse, fed the ginormous carp, met with friendly folks from all over, browsed the shops and head out. Came back to eat at the Hard Rock cafe, NOMMY chicken sandwich.

Got to meet the idiots on the other side of us who got drunk and were issuing what we believe to be mating calls at one another. (WOO WOO WOO. o.o))


Back to Broadway we found out some folks are really good salesman. Bought fudge, and candy. Met the hilarious candy shop owner who knew naughty jokes. XD! I was nervous driving back but stopping at Burger King proved most fruitful as we got awesome directions and headed for home. Where my poor dog was definitely waiting for me. :3