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So you've stumbled upon my journal huh? I dont get too many visitors here, but I might as well tell you a bit about myself while you're here. Make yourself at home and I'll try to be quick. My life's none too exciting, but perhaps you'll see something here you can find in common with me. I do so love to make new friends, and know that once you have my trust you have it for life.


Photobucket NAMES: I go by many names. Griff is my common based name that I use for mainly roleplaying and generalized fun. A name closer to me would be Talenyn, which means Undying Flame. It was given to my by a friend. As was another close name, Sten, based upon my real name. An older name would be Sirius, the name I started off with and shared with one of my first muses, but it is a name I have recently retired. A newer nameis Leona, from one of my main muses as well.

Photobucket AGE: 25

Photobucket OCCUPATION: Currently a cashier for walmart. Its trying, but hey, making over ten an hour for register work aint half bad!

Photobucket SIGNS: Born in The Chinese Year of the Dog, Under the Zodiac sign of Leo. Faithful, stubborn, hard-headed, creative, its an interesting mix of worlds to say the least.

Photobucket SEXUALITY/STATUS: Single, Ive been through a few wringers however. Im bisexual, its personality I see. I do wish for a special someone, but everything with due time I suppose.


Photobucket SPIRITUALITY: Boy have I run the gamut on this on. *Laughs* Ive delved in a bit of everything when it comes to my spirituality. From otherkin, to otakukin, and about everything in between. I am open to most every belief, knowing people in almost all of them. However, I could never find one that complemented me completely. Im still looking sort to speak! But I do believe in and have encountered a few past lives here on this plane and the next. I believe in muses, spirits, and soulbonding as well.

Photobucket RELIGION: I was raised not so very strictly as a Christian... however after moving to a God fearing town I began to move away from it. I just couldnt approve of some of the beliefs and traditions I encountered, it all rubbed me the wrong way. And not just that either. I really am searching for one now, learning a bit from each to see what suits me best currently. Currently... I kinda create my own belief system.

Photobucket BELIEFS: Despite the previous paragraph, I believe very strongly in God. BUT, I also believe in spirits, past lives, and other immortals exisiting upon these planes. I believe in the elements around us, in alchemy, and that not everything can be seen. I believe in mental powers, that sanity is merely an illusion, and that life is what we make of it. I believe that one person can make all the difference, or fall into the cracks. There's much I believe actually, but why not just watch me to figure out the rest eh? *laughs*


ART: One can find my art at my DA gallery, located here: www.siriusstar13.deviantart.com Ive been tehre for over three years now and well, have come a long way I think. But of course, tehres always more to learn! I always appreciate a good art critique, a lsitening ear, a helpful hand, so stop on by! Oh yes, Ill post things occasionally here as well. *nodders* So just look out for it! ;)

WRITING: Ive written quite a few things, however those files can be a bit harder to find. But, just look for the name Sirius Dogstar at www.fanfiction.net and Im sure you'll pull up a few ooooold files. For newer things tehres a few tales that arent Roleplay logs also at www.livejournal.com/dragoon-eyes

ROLEPLAY: To say I RP quite a bit would be an UNDERSTATEMENT! I'll have a link with my charries up shortly, but one can find their tales at Dragoon Eyes as well. Also, to find places I RP at, check my links section. ONe thing to remember too is that I'll always accept an AIM or email roleplay, just let me know! ;)


A place thats seen its ups and downs, its very anime bades and has a core set of dedicated rp'ers I consider among my closest friends. You couldnt ask for a better group of people either, ya really cant.

An awesome place for fantasy enthusists to hang out, the Guild is a place for random craziness (pie fights for example ;)), serious topics, everyday talk, art helps, pet help, rps, consolation, advice, just about everything! Again, an awesome bunch, though I tend to lurk these days more than anything.

DEVIANTART: www.deviantart.com
A MUST SEE site for artists, people can hosts their galleries here for free and step into a world filled with artists. Ive learned everything I know just about here and met some awesome people. It can be a bit of an ego boost or blow, depending, but its always well worth it!

FANFICTION.NET: www.fanfiction.net
I havent been here for some time, but it is a pretty cool diversion if youve ever wondered how your fave game or anime COULD have turned out, or the life of a fave charrie. But beware, you may have to wade through a lot of crap to find the gold.


DRAGOON EYES: www.livejournal.com/dragoon-eyes
This journal mainly concerns my muses and soulbonds. It contains their stories, bios, and occasionally thoughts as well as logs of roleplays done with friends.

SIRIUS GRIFFON: www.livejournal.com/siriusgriffon
I consider this to be an archive of sorts, it wa sthe very first LJ name I ever took as my own and contains writings from a few years ago, my thoughts, my life.

GRIFF HIGHWIND: www.livejournal.com/griff-highwind
My second LJ journal, this is the one most recently retired from my life, Now it serves mainly for archival purposes.

LIONHEARTED COURAGE: www.livejournal.com/lionhearted_courage
My art journal of sorts, this will contain links and commentary on my newest works as well as the occasional stroll down memory lane. Named for one of my closest muses, Leona, this journal also serves in art exchange communities as well.

HIGHWINDS_MEMORY: www.livejournal.com/highwinds-memory
This journal serves as a roleplaying journal, mainly to watch for new threads in roleplays I am connected with. It also contains random thoughts and whatnot from those roleplays.


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